Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On Filofax...

I am not one that likes a lot of bulk and clutter and useless items in my world. I only want what I positively enjoy and what it absolutely necessary. Two of my favorite material things are handbags and Filofax(es). Today, it's all about the Filo. I shared a little of how I use one of my organizers on the blog  Philofaxy, a source of daily reading for me, so I thought I'd post about it here as well.

I don't own shelves and shelves of planners as some of posters there do ( although I get trapped in a daze when I start looking at those shelves); I have four, one of which I gave loaned to my daughter when she graduated from college and became a professional. It's not really a Filofax, but more about that and my daughter's unfortunate attitude towards the Filofax culture later.

The focus here is my weight tracker Filofax. It's a butter yellow pocket Piazza which I purchased from Pens and Leather for a nice close-out price. I must say, it is beautiful!

                      As you can see, I pimped out the fly-leaf in the front with a beautiful press-on flower

                                     I keep the Weight Watchers weight record in the front pocket.                                           
This is the meal tracker from the Philofaxy Files tab. I plan my meals for the entire day and log it all in at once. If I change my mind for what I want, say, for dinner, I can just erase it and re-enter it, because everything is recorded in pencil.

I'd like to find a convenient way to keep my WW calculator with the Filofax. My first thought is to get a small pouch and put grommets on it and actually insert into the book, but it might look too bulky; or I might just hang a small wristlet onto one of the rings. We'll see.

My sections are: Notes; nothing specific, just notes; Information: here I jot down websites, recipes, tips on caloric and carb intake, etc; Points Tracker: this is where I use the Philofaxy meal tracker to capture the carbs, fat, protein, fiber and (I changed it a bit to suit my needs) the points value of each food item; and finally, Points Values: I use the Weight Watchers  points system to control how much I consume in a day. Each food item has a points value and you get that value by calculating the carbs, fat, protein and fiber. Once I know the value of an item, I jot it down in this section alphabetically, so I don't have to calculate each time I want to eat something. I use the address abc tabs for this purpose.

This Filofax is so tiny and lightweight, I just pop it into my lunch tote and carry it with me.

This of course is only my meal planner. I will post a blog of the two others that I use soon

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  1. Thank you for this post. I am planning on using one of my plannes as a weight tracker/food journal and was looking to see how it could be done. This is great -thank you.