Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Filofax Birthday

In July, I will be 1 year old in Filofax years. To celebrate, a little early to note, I bought myself a little present. What else but a brand new Filofax? A personal Osterly in brown. Very beautiful. I have decked it out in all new duds, natch: new cotton cream paper, which comes with it; tabbed dividers made from 'designer' duct tape sheets purchased from Target, and backed with ivory card stock; a brown Today ruler/marker; a personalized post-it dashboard with sticky notes purchased while on vacation in Hawaii, and some very smart beige-y, cream-y sticky tabs from Smash.

As I don't enjoy bright neon colors, I wanted my color scheme to be nice subdued earth-tone hues to match the planner. Throughout you will see browns, beiges, cotton cream, of course, a little black.

The only thing lacking is the perfect pen. I'm on the hunt for one with brown ink.

Personal Osterly in Brown

The customized dashboard

The handmade tab divider. 

The Today marker and a page from the Diary Section

A page from the Notes Section. I ripped pictures from a magazine
of some items that I need and swathed a piece of Smash tape over it. It's
the piece that says 'Need It!'

A page from the To Do Section. Standard fare

A page from the ASL (American Sign Language) Section. I hole punched a booklet
of signs for quick reference. I am a sign language interpreter.

A page from the Bible Section

A page from the Books Section. I have challenged myself to read 40 books this year.
Almost half way there!

A page from the OOTD (outfit of the day) Section. I created a template
to record everything I will wear for the upcoming week. No scrambling
around in the morning for something to wear! 

My business card holder